Annual Meeting: Date, Time, and Location

The Annual Business Meeting for Omicron Kappa Upsilon will be held on during the annual ADEA conference on March 19, 2017, at 5:30 PM, at the Hyatt Regency-Long Beach, CA, Room HY - Regency D.  

Please visit ADEA for more information:

(Please refer to Art. IX, Sec. B, sub. 1 for more information).



Please remember that EACH chapter must send at least 1 (one) delegate to the annual meeting.  Additionally, it is imperative that each delegate signs in to the annual meeting sign-in sheet; failure to do so may result in your chapter being marked as absent from the annual meeting.  (Please refer to Art. X, Sec. 7, for more information)


Meeting Schedule

In accord with Art. IX, Sec. B, sub. 5, the business at the annual meeting of the Supreme Chapter shall be conducted in the following order:

1.      Roll call of delegates

2.      Reading of the minutes

3.      President's Address

4.      Secretary-Treasurer's report and approval of budget

5.      Report of Committees

6.      Unfinished business

7.      New business

8.      Election of officers/directors

9.      Installation of officers/directors

10.    Adjournment






Hyatt Regency-Long Beach, Room HY-Regency D, 200 S. Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA, 90802

Sunday March 19, 2017

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM




1.         Meeting called to order by President Henry Gremillion.  Introduce the Supreme chapter officers on the podium and their chapter and university affiliations.


2.         Sign up roll call ‑ remind delegates of importance that their chapter be recorded as present.  Missing for 2 consecutive years means loss of recognition.


3.         Determination of quorum ‑ show of hands of delegates


4.         President advises delegates to give their names and chapter affiliations when addressing the chair.


5.         President entertains a motion to dispense with reading of the minutes of the 2016 meeting since a copy has been posted on the web site.


a.              Action on


6.         President entertains a motion to approve the minutes as posted on the website.


a.           Action on


7.         President’s Remarks – Dean Henry Gremillion


a.              Submit names for committees


8.         Secretary's Report - Dr. Jon Suzuki


a.         Action on


9.         Secretary presents minutes of March 19, 2017 Board of Directors' meeting.


            a.         Action on


10.       Treasurer's Report - Dr. Jon Suzuki


11.       Auditing Committee Report – Dean Christian Stohler


            a.         Action on


b.              Action on Treasurer's Report


12.       Leeper Award Recipient – Dean Joel Berg (given by Dean Stohler)


a.     Winner - Dr. Jon B. Suzuki, Kappa Kappa Chapter – Temple University - Award winner for 2016-2017


13.       Craig Award - Dean Henry Gremillion


a.     Winner - Dr.  Allison Buchanan,  Kappa Lambda Chapter – Augusta University -  Award winner for 2016-2017


14.       Editor's Report – Dr. Jon Suzuki (Interim Editor)


            a.         Action on


15.       Chapter Award – Dr. Jon Suzuki


a.              Award Winner for 2016-2017 – Beta Gamma Chapter, University of Puerto Rico


16.       Necrology Report - Dr. Jon Suzuki


a.         Request delegates to furnish additional names of deceased and chapter.


            b.         All stand for a moment of silent prayer in memory of and respect for the departed.


17.       Constitution and Bylaws Report ‑ Dr. Hai Zhang (given by Executive Director, Brian Suzuki, J.D.)


            a.         Action on


18.       Report of Budget and Finance Committee ‑ Dr. Jon Suzuki


            a.         Action on


19.       Unfinished Business


a.              Remind delegates who came in late to sign roll call


20.       Old Business


a.              Old website still exists, but not functional.  New website launched and functioning.  New website will serve as an easier method of providing updates.


b.              Research Award, update presented by President Gremillon and Dr. Jon Suzuki, interim editor and ad hoc chair of Research Award Committee


21.       New Business


a.           Stoles for sale.


b.           Bylaw revision posted on website – vote to take place in March 2018.


c.           Miscellaneous Announcements


22.       President Dean Henry Gremillion presents the report by Nominating Committee


a.         Any nominations from floor


b.         If none, action on original nominations:


           (1)       Nominee for Vice-President – Dean Mark Latta – Chapter – Creighton University


           (2)       Secretary empowered to cast a unanimous ballot for the election of candidates as presented


23.       Installation of Officers by President Henry Gremillion


a.         Introduction of new President


24.       Remarks by incoming President Dean Christian Stohler


25.       Presentation of plaques:


            a.         President Stohler presents a plaque to retiring President Gremillion.


26.       President Stohler calls for additional business, recommendations or suggestions for the betterment of OKU.


27.       Remind delegates to sign attendance roster and of the importance that the chapter not be counted absent.


28.       Remind chapters that according to the bylaws they are to submit an annual report at least 30 days prior to the annual business meeting. To facilitate this responsibility a form is available on our website at


29.       Remind OKU Officers, Leeper Award Winner, Chapter Award Winner, Craig Award Winner to stay for photos.  Officers have by-laws mandated dinner meeting following photos.


 30.       Motion for adjournment.