Annual Meeting: Date, Time, and Location

The Annual Business Meeting for Omicron Kappa Upsilon was held during the annual ADEA conference on March 19, 2017, at 5:30 PM, at the Hyatt Regency-Long Beach, CA, Room HY - Regency B.  

Please visit ADEA for more information:

(Please refer to Art. IX, Sec. B, sub. 1 for more information).


The next annual meeting will be held in March at the next scheduled ADEA meeting (Orlando, FL).   



Please remember that EACH chapter must send at least 1 (one) delegate to the annual meeting.  Additionally, it is imperative that each delegate signs in to the annual meeting sign-in sheet; failure to do so may result in your chapter being marked as absent from the annual meeting.  (Please refer to Art. X, Sec. 7, for more information)


Meeting Schedule

In accord with Art. IX, Sec. B, sub. 5, the business at the annual meeting of the Supreme Chapter shall be conducted in the following order:

1.      Roll call of delegates

2.      Reading of the minutes

3.      President's Address

4.      Secretary-Treasurer's report and approval of budget

5.      Report of Committees

6.      Unfinished business

7.      New business

8.      Election of officers/directors

9.      Installation of officers/directors

10.    Adjournment