Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 E. Upper Wacker Dr., Plaza A, East Tower, Plaza Level

Chicago, IL, 60601

Sunday March 17, 2019

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM



  1. Meeting called to order by President Joel Berg at 5:32 PM.  President Berg introduced the Supreme chapter officers on the podium and their chapter and university affiliations: Dean Mark Latta, President-Elect; Dean Janet Guthmiller, Vice President; Dr. Jon Suzuki, Secretary Treasurer.  Also in attendance, Dean Christian Stohler, Immediate Past President, and Brian Suzuki, Executive Director. 


  1. President Berg reminded delegates to sign the attendance sheet. 


  1. President Berg calls for determination of quorum by show of hands. There was a quorum. 


  1. President Berg advised delegates to give their names and chapter affiliations when addressing the chair.


  1. President Berg announced that General Business Meetings would be moving toward more consent agenda adoption. Approval items would be clustered for approval at this meeting; going forward, there will be more consent agreements and removal of procedural items. No comments from the floor.
  2. President entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the last General Business Meeting (2018) as posted on the website.  Seconded.  Approved. 


  1. President Berg gave opening remarks and invited delegates to volunteer for committees. He also encouraged additional donations to the research award.


  1. Secretary's Report – Sec.Treasurer Jon Suzuki presented the Secretary’s Report, the Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes from the morning of 3.17.19, the Treasurer’s Report, and the Budget and Finance Committee Report. President Berg entertained a motion for approval.    Approved.


  1. President-Elect Latta read the Auditing Committee Report. There was a question from the floor regarding audit committee process.  President-Elect Latta answered.  President Berg entertained a motion for approval.    Approved.
  2. Vice President Janet Guthmiller gave remarks and history of regarding the Leeper Award.  Vice President Guthmiller awarded Dr. Andrew Schwartz, Sigma Tau Chapter – Stony Brook University the 2019 Leeper Award. 


  1. President-Elect Mark Latta gave remarks on the purpose of the Craig Award. President-Elect awarded Pinelopi Xenoudi, Rho Rho Chapter – UC, San Francisco the 2019 Craig Award.
  2. Sec.Treasurer Jon Suzuki gave remarks on the purpose of the OKU Chapter Award, summarized the winner’s activities, and then awarded gave the award to the delegates of Delta Delta Chapter, University of the Pacific, with the 2019 OKU Chapter Award.


  1. Treasurer Jon Suzuki called for delegates to stand and read the Necrology Report. There as a moment of silence.  Sec. Treasurer Jon Suzuki requested delegates to furnish additional names of deceased and their chapters.
  2. Immediate Past President Christian Stohler presented the Bylaws Committee Report and gave a chronology and history of the process.  There was a question from Lambda Lambda (Dr. Davis) about written errors, answer was that typographical and grammatical errors may be easily corrected with simple notice processes.  There was a question from Kappa Lambda (Dr. Frazier) regarding induction clauses, answer was that these were not included in this revision.  There was a motion to approve the bylaws revision (Articles I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, and XII).  Seconded.  Approved.  President Berg made comments on the intended Bylaws Committee’s procedural/deliberation process.
  3.  Chi Psi asked a question regarding local induction procedures.  President Berg answered that induction procedures are slated for revision in future bylaws revisions.


     President-Elect read the Nominations Committee report.  The Nominating Committee selected Dean Kenneth Chance (Upsilon) as their nominee for Vice President, and Dr. Jon Suzuki (Kappa Kappa) for Secretary Treasurer.  There was a call for nominations from the floor.  Lambda Lambda (Dr. Davis) nominated Dr. Kevin Frazier (Kappa Lambda) for Vice President.  President Berg confirmed Dr. Jon Suzuki for Secretary-Treasurer.  President Berg called for paper ballot voting regarding the Vice President position.  President Berg gave each VP nominee approximately two minutes for remarks.  Dean Chance gave remarks.  Dr. Frazier gave remarks.  Paper ballots were distributed, then collected.  President Elect Latta and Secretary Treasurer Jon Suzuki sorted and counted the paper ballots.  Executive Director Brian Suzuki recounted the paper ballots, and confirmed the result.  Dean Kenneth Chance won and was confirmed as Supreme Chapter Vice President. 

  1. President Berg installed new officers: President Mark Latta, President Elect Janet Guthmiller, Vice President Kenneth Chance, and Secretary Treasurer Jon Suzuki.


  1. President Latta delivered a plaque to Immediate Past President Berg.


  1. President Latta delivered closing remarks.


  1. President Latta called for suggestions for improving the organization. Chi Psi (Dr. Siegel) suggested the Supreme Chapter switch to an online payment system such as Paypal or Venmo.  This will be investigated.


  1. President Latta reminded delegates to sign attendance roster and submit annual reports 30 days before the annual business meeting. President Latta also reminded OKU Officers and award winners to stay for pictures.  Officers will conduct a business meeting immediately following photo session. 


  1. President Latta made a motion for adjournment.   Approved.  Adjourned at 6:30 PM.